He has been a filming and advertising professional since 1990. For over ten years, he worked as a camera assistant in hundreds of commercials and more than twenty films under the orders of film makers such as Mario Camus, Enrique Urbizu, Gómez Pereira, Borau, Miguel Bardem, Fernando Colomo, Mariano Barroso, among others. Also, he has worked with well-known directors of photography such as Jaume Peracaula, Javier Salmones, Nestor Calvo, Angel Luis Fernández…. In 2000, he decides to undertake a career change and directs the casting of “La Cuadrilla Espacial”, the first Internet series for which he also produces and co-writes. His career as casting director had just started, working in advertising as well as filming with directors such as Victor Erice, Alan Batievsky, Enrico Trippa, Plácido Castaño, Julio del Alamo, Ferragut, Martin Romanela, Toni Milanés, Albert Saguer, Federico Bruggia, Canadá, Carles Lázaro, Sega, Pedro Telechea, Michael Aguiló, Yuri Alemani, Warna, among others.

In 2009, together with the actress and dramatic art teacher Consuelo Trujillo, he creates CriaturaDelArte, a space dedicated to the scenic arts and training in acting.

Roberto Trujillo [Casting Director]
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